Frequently Asked Questions

As a helping hand or a little guidance to assist you in making a decision about a wooden interior or exterior design concept or solution,
but feel like you would sound a little inept, then go through this small list of possible questions and answers we have compiled that might be helpful.

Question 1

What is the difference between engineered flooring and a laminate?

Wooden engineered flooring refers to a flooring type which is made up of several layers of real wood - It has the same texture and sound properties of wood, as it is wood in its totality. It is highly durable, even against water.

Laminate flooring refers to a replica imprint on top of a composite base - This means that the surface is only a plastic representation which sits on top of a synthetic base. This is not real wood, and due to its synthetic base, its highly sensitive to water. Also, as opposed to real wood - laminates cannot be restored.

Question 2

What is the difference between a complete solid and engineered floor?

There is a common misconception about engineered wood - its often deemed as not authentic wood. This is not true as its made up of wood and has no synthetic core components. Engineered wood is cross laminated to reduce its natural "want" to move. This gives engineered flooring a stability edge over its complete solid counterpart. Also, there is no visual difference between the two after installation, as both surfaces are hardwood. Sound, touch and visual are the same!.

Question 3

Can your product be used in kitchens?

Absolutely - All our flooring is expertly installed and oiled. Making it durable against almost all interior environments. In fact, wooden flooring is a lovely design element in kitchens.
We also provide professional advice to give you peace of mind when it comes to the care of your flooring.

Question 4

Must wooden flooring be maintained?

Wood is a organic product which is subject to its environment - much like your skin, wooden flooring requires a certain amount of attention.
Maintenance on flooring does not have a specific date factor (i.e once a year etc). Maintenance intervals are dependent on traffic, washing routines, humidity exposure to sun. Most often one can tell when the floor requires attention. Picture it as a car, it requires maintenance once a year or every 15000km, whichever comes first, the key is just to monitor it. Also, ask the question if you are unsure This being said, maintenance is not a complex process that should give one nightmares. This is because we only use high quality products and give open/clear cut advice.